Literary Works

by Kelly Mollnow Wilson


Stuff From Other Places - #2

How many hours of sleep are you getting? Most people say “not enough.” We know it’s important to sleep enough, to drink enough water, to exercise, and to eat a healthy diet that consists of more than pizza, coffee, and Red Bull. We know it, but we don’t do it.…
Stuff From Other Places (1)

Stuff From Other Places - #1

Sue Enquist is the former Head Softball Coach at UCLA, where she led her team to 11 National Championships! Click here to watch her video “Fear and Failure" from What Drives Winning website. Here’s some stuff that she says: “Failure and success — they hold hands. Can’t have one without…
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The Importance of Choice

As a body mapping instructor, I teach my students that they have choices to make in both their preparation and their performances. They know that they are responsible for making musical choices; for example, what tone color do I want to use here? What shape do I want this phrase…


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