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by Kelly Mollnow Wilson

Too often, musicians and athletes are performing with pain, discomfort, or limitation.

As a professional musician and teacher, I understand the demands of the profession and the frustration that comes when we are not able perform at the level we want. As an athlete, I fully understand being on the bench and not able to go at full speed or even at all.

For some people, gaining accurate information about how our bodies work in movement and the role that self awareness plays through the use of Body Mapping is enough to resolve pain and discomfort and bring about more musically convincing performance.

For others, manual therapy in the form of Neurokinetic Therapy, is needed to eliminate the dysfunction and replace it with a functional movement pattern.

Both of these methods require that the client take responsibility for learning new movement patterns and practicing them. Learning anything, including new neurological patterns, takes time and conscientious repetition.

Manual Therapy

Corrective movement training to reset brain patterns

Body Mapping

Understanding how our bodies move to improve performance

Music Education

Private and Group Flute lessons by a Licensed Andover Educator.

Flute Performance

Freelance flutist for private and corporate events.


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